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Suraj Rana: Multi-Talented Indian YouTuber, Singer, Actor, and Internet Sensation with Over 1 Million Subscribers

Suraj Rana stands as a prominent figure in the digital realm, celebrated as a versatile Indian YouTuber, singer, actor, and internet sensation. Boasting a staggering subscriber count exceeding 1 million on his YouTube channel, Suraj has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with his diverse talents and engaging content.

Born and raised in Faridabad, India, Suraj’s roots trace back to Ballabgarh, Haryana. His upbringing under the guidance of his late father, Vijay Singh Rana, and devoted mother, Sakuntala Rana, instilled in him a passion for creativity and innovation from a young age.

Suraj’s journey into the digital world began at the age of 16 when he embarked on establishing his identity on YouTube under the moniker “Technical Bharat.” Focused on technology-related content, his channel quickly gained traction, becoming a go-to destination for tech enthusiasts. Despite facing challenges such as a temporary suspension due to community guidelines, Suraj’s resilience led him to diversify his content, exploring his musical inclinations.

His foray into music production and cover songs garnered immense popularity, catapulting him into the realm of music as a notable singer and musician. With soulful renditions and a captivating style, Suraj captivated audiences and solidified his position as a multifaceted artist.

Simultaneously, Suraj ventured into acting, starring in music videos, short films, and web series. His natural talent for emoting and storytelling earned him critical acclaim and a devoted fan following across various entertainment mediums.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Suraj Rana is recognized for his humility, dedication, and commitment to his fans. His YouTube channels, including “Suraj Rana” and “Suraj Rana Vlogs,” serve as platforms where he shares his musical compositions, Bollywood covers, travel experiences, and collaborations with fellow creators.

Suraj’s influence extends beyond YouTube, with a significant presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, where he connects with fans and shares insights into his life and work. His Instagram handle, @itssurajrana, has become a hub for engaging content and interactions with his ever-growing fan base.

In summary, Suraj Rana embodies the essence of a modern-day digital superstar, leveraging his talents as a YouTuber, singer, actor, and internet personality to captivate audiences globally. His journey from tech enthusiast to multi-talented entertainer serves as an inspiration to aspiring creators, emphasizing the power of creativity, passion, and perseverance in achieving extraordinary success in the digital age.

Suraj Rana is a renowned Indian Tech YouTuber, singer, musician, actor, and internet sensation, born and raised in Faridabad, India, with roots tracing back to Ballabgarh, Haryana. His father, Vijay Singh Rana, tragically passed away due to a heart attack on April 12, 2017, leaving behind his mother, Sakuntala Rana, who is a dedicated housewife.

From a tender age, Suraj exhibited a keen interest in singing, acting, and technology, with a fascination for mobile phones and computers. He pursued his early education at Shubham Vidya Mandir School, up until the 10th grade. However, the untimely demise of his father disrupted his academic journey. Suraj has two siblings, his middle brother named Neeraj Rana, and his youngest brother known as Bablu Rana.

At the age of 16, Suraj embarked on his journey into the digital world by establishing his presence on YouTube as a Tech YouTuber under the pseudonym “Technical Bharat.” He garnered a significant following with his informative tech-related videos. However, in 2017, his channel faced suspension by YouTube due to violations of community guidelines, resulting in the loss of over 40,000 subscribers overnight. Undeterred by this setback, Suraj ventured into music production, editing music videos for a music company in Uttarakhand.

In 2018, Suraj showcased his musical talents by creating a mashup song of Garhwali Pahari songs, which gained widespread popularity. This marked the beginning of his musical journey, as he delved deeper into the realm of music. Alongside his burgeoning music career, Suraj explored his passion for acting, starring in films such as “Dark Web: Ek Anhohni” and “Ek Pyaar Aisa Bhi,” among others. He has also ventured into directing, shaping his vision through various film projects.



Suraj Rana’s Information

Full Name Suraj Rana
Date of Birth 12/03/1998
Place of Birth Ballabgarh, Haryana
Nationality Indian
Occupation Indian YouTuber & Artist
Years Active 10 Years
Known for Suraj Rana
YouTube Channel Suraj Rana
Instagram @itssurajrana


Career Highlights:
Suraj Rana’s career is marked by his versatile talents and creative pursuits. He operates two YouTube channels, “Suraj Rana” and “Suraj Rana Vlogs.” His primary channel focuses on tech-related content and boasts over 1.4 million subscribers. On his secondary channel, Suraj showcases his vlogs, musical endeavors, and covers of popular Bollywood songs, captivating audiences with his diverse content.

In addition to his successful YouTube career, Suraj Rana is a proficient singer, captivating audiences with his melodious voice and soulful renditions. He has released numerous cover songs and original compositions on his channel, garnering admiration from fans across the globe.

As an actor, Suraj has left an indelible mark with his performances in music videos, short films, and web series. His natural acting prowess and emotive expressions have earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

Personal Life and Conclusion:
Suraj Rana’s journey is a testament to his unwavering passion, dedication, and resilience. Despite facing setbacks and challenges, he persevered and carved a niche for himself in the Indian entertainment industry. Beyond his professional achievements, Suraj remains grounded and humble, maintaining a deep connection with his audience.

In conclusion, Suraj Rana is a multifaceted personality who has made significant contributions to the Indian entertainment landscape. His journey serves as an inspiration to millions, reaffirming the power of hard work, passion, and perseverance in achieving one’s dreams. Suraj’s impact transcends borders, leaving an enduring legacy in the hearts of his admirers.

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