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Biden and Xi Jinping Discuss Bilateral Ties, Taiwan, and Security Issues in Leaders’ First Call Since California Summit

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping held a conversation that touched upon a range of topics, including US-China bilateral ties, Taiwan, and security issues. This call marked the leaders’ first dialogue since their summit in California in November, signaling a return to regular leader-to-leader engagement between the two powers.

The conversation serves as a precursor to a series of high-level engagements between the two countries. This week, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is set to travel to China, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken scheduled to follow in the coming weeks.

Taiwan was a significant point of discussion during the call. The US and China have differing views on the status of Taiwan, with the US viewing it as a democratic entity, while China considers it a part of its territory. The delicate balance of power in the region and the potential for conflict over Taiwan’s status add to the importance of this topic in the leaders’ dialogue.

In addition to Taiwan, the leaders also discussed the role of artificial intelligence and security issues. As technology continues to evolve and play an increasingly significant role in global affairs, the conversation likely touched upon the importance of responsible AI development and use, as well as the potential for AI to impact global security.

By resuming leader-to-leader dialogue, the US and China aim to foster a more stable and productive relationship, addressing pressing issues and working together to find solutions that benefit both nations and the global community.

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