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The Rise of Zaid ZIZ: A Comprehensive Guide to the Indian YouTuber’s Life and Career – Age, Net Worth, and More

Zaid ZIZ, also known as Zaid Syed, is an Indian YouTuber born on September 15, 2000 (age 23) in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. He is a well-known YouTube star, online content creator, and social media personality, who has gained a massive following due to his self-titled channel. Zaid ZIZ’s content primarily consists of comedy-type videos, vlogs, and collaborations with other meme channels like “Dank Rishu.”

Zaid ZIZ started his YouTube journey by posting PUBG Mobile content on his deleted channels before starting his main channel in 2022. He has had many deleted channels before, but his main channel has amassed more than 200,000 subscribers on the platform. His content is not suitable for kids or people sensitive to dark humor, and his audience mainly consists of teenagers.

One of Zaid ZIZ’s most popular videos is “KSI Reacts To Memes From INDIA 🇮🇳,” which went viral with more than three million views in total. He has also vlogged about taking a Delhi girl out on a date. His family members often make appearances in his vlogs, which adds a personal touch to his content.

Apart from his main channel, Zaid ZIZ also runs a second channel called “Zaid Z2V.” He has worked for the YouTuber KSI and runs his channel KSI Clips. He has also made content about fellow video creator KSI.

Zaid ZIZ was born into a Muslim family in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. He later moved to Mumbai, as seen in one of his oldest archived vlogs, “I MOVED TO MUMBAI…” He is a Celebrity YouTube Star and has an estimated net worth of $2-5 Million (Last Update: February 19, 2024).


In conclusion, Zaid ZIZ is a talented and popular Indian YouTuber who has made a name for himself in the world of comedy-type videos and vlogs. His unique content and engaging personality have earned him a massive following on YouTube, and he continues to entertain and engage his audience with his daily life vlogs in India. – The Blaze Times

Name Zaid ZIZ
Full Name Zaid Syed
Age 24 Years Old.
Date of Birth September 15, 2000


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