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Hacktivist Group Vanguard Hacks Bangladeshi Educational Websites in Response to Indian Hacking Attempts

The hacktivist collective known as “Hacktivist Vanguard” has launched a series of cyber attacks targeting several educational websites in Bangladesh. Among the institutions affected are Aldhun High School, Edu Info Bangladesh, Palashbari High School, AIAMR High School, ND Madrasah, Azam College, Dhopaghata Akhil Shiksha Kendro, Chittagong High School, GWFM College, and Baratvakla College.

Hacktivist Vanguard’s modus operandi involves replacing the original content of these websites with their own message. This message, which includes salutations to Indian hackers and a cautionary note directed at the Bangladeshi government, serves as a stark indication of their presence and intentions.

Furthermore, Hacktivist Vanguard has extended their cyber assault to additional educational institutions, including Bodoland Model Madrasah, Ghoshnagar High School, GWFM College, and Baratvakla College, defacing their websites with identical messages.

While Hacktivist Vanguard has not explicitly articulated their motivations behind these attacks, speculation suggests a possible motive rooted in the perceived role of these educational institutions in advancing Indian interests within Bangladesh.

In response to this breach of cybersecurity, urgent measures are warranted. The Bangladeshi authorities must swiftly address this incident, securing the compromised websites and launching a thorough investigation into the matter. Moreover, bolstering cybersecurity measures across educational institutions is imperative to mitigate the risk of future breaches.

It is crucial to emphasize that the provided Proof of Concept (PoC) links are for informational purposes only and should not be accessed due to potential security risks. :

Hacktivist Vanguard Hacks Bangladeshi Educational Websites

The hacktivist group Vanguard has hacked several educational websites in Bangladesh. These websites are:
Site Name Site Link PoC
Aldhun High School PoC
Edu Info Bangladesh PoC
Palashbari High School PoC
AIAMR High School PoC
ND Madrasah PoC
Azam College PoC
Dhopaghata Akhil Shiksha Kendro PoC
Chittagong High School PoC
GWFM College PoC
Baratvakla College PoC
Bodoland Model Madrasah N/A
Ghoshnagar High School N/A
GWFM College N/A
Baratvakla College N/A


The hacktivist group Vanguard has defaced these websites by replacing their content with their own message. The message includes greetings to Indian hackers and a warning to the Bangladeshi government. It is believed that the hacktivist group Vanguard hacked these websites in response to some Bangladeshi kids hackers attempting to hack Indian websites and causing trouble. The Bangladeshi government should take immediate action to secure these websites and investigate the hacking incident. They should also consider implementing stronger security measures to prevent future attacks. – The Blaze Times

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