Fatal Shooting at India-Punjab Border Amidst Farmers’ Protest: One Dead, Several Injured | The Blaze Times


A 22-year-old protester was killed and several others were injured as farmers attempted to resume their march towards New Delhi to demand better crop prices. The farmers’ union accused the police of causing the death, while Haryana Police denied any involvement. The protester, identified as Shubh Karan Singh, was reportedly shot in the head and died at Rajindra Hospital of Patiala. A second protester also sustained a bullet wound but survived. At least 13 people were being treated for injuries in Punjab hospitals.

The farmers, who have been clashing with police, are using masks, gloves, and safety suits to protect themselves from teargas shelling. They have warned they will use heavy machinery to push through to Delhi, with thousands preparing to push past barriers using bulldozers and earthmovers. The latest round of protests comes months before the general elections in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is seeking a third term in power.

The government has held four rounds of meetings with farmers’ unions, but protesters say the government did not keep promises made during the 2020-21 protest. Farmers’ leaders have urged the government to let them enter the capital and stand by their demand of a “legal guarantee for MSP on all 23 crops”. The police have asked their counterparts in Punjab to seize bulldozers and other heavy machinery from the protesting sites. In Delhi, security has been tightened and large gatherings have been banned for a month. – The Blaze Times


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