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Breaking News: DJ Ncix Unveils Sosavvy Records, Paving the Way for Indie Music Collaboration!

By The Blaze Times Feb 20, 2024

In an exciting development in the music industry, Piyush Basor, widely recognized as DJ Ncix, has officially launched his own record label – Sosavvy Records. This venture marks a significant milestone in DJ Ncix’s illustrious career as he expands his influence beyond the DJ booth and music production studio.

Dj Ncix

Sosavvy Records aims to carve a niche in the indie music scene, with a primary focus on creating innovative and genre-defying indie songs. DJ Ncix, known for his distinctive sonic palette and ability to blend diverse musical influences, is set to bring a fresh and dynamic approach to the indie music landscape.

What sets Sosavvy Records apart is its commitment to collaboration. DJ Ncix has expressed a keen interest in working with talented artists across various genres, fostering a spirit of creativity and experimentation. The record label will serve as a platform for emerging and established artists alike, providing them with the opportunity to explore new musical horizons under the Sosavvy Records umbrella.

DJ Ncix’s journey in the music industry began with an exploration of Delhi’s vibrant sonic tapestry. Over the years, he has honed his skills in DJing and music production, accumulating a rich and diverse discography of over a hundred compositions. His passion for musical expression extends beyond the studio, as he finds inspiration in activities like driving, playing video games, and even shopping.

As the founder of Sosavvy Records, DJ Ncix envisions a collaborative and boundary-pushing space where artists can thrive, pushing the limits of creativity and producing music that resonates with a global audience.

The launch of Sosavvy Records is not just a new chapter in DJ Ncix’s career but a testament to his dedication to the evolution of the music industry. Stay tuned as Sosavvy Records embarks on its journey to redefine the indie music landscape, one groundbreaking collaboration at a time.

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