Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Manoj Sonkar, the mayor of Chandigarh, has resigned from his post ahead of a Supreme Court hearing on the controversial polls that brought him to power.

Sonkar, who is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), tendered his resignation on Tuesday, citing personal reasons. However, political analysts suggest that his resignation may be related to the upcoming Supreme Court hearing on the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation (CMC) polls, which have been marred by allegations of malpractice and irregularities.

The CMC polls, which were held in December 2021, were marked by allegations of horse-trading, bribery, and the use of muscle power by political parties. The BJP and the Congress party, which are the two major players in Chandigarh politics, have been accused of engaging in malpractices to secure a majority in the CMC.

Following the polls, the BJP emerged as the largest party in the CMC, with 14 out of 35 seats. Sonkar was elected as the mayor with the support of independent councillors. However, his election has been challenged in the courts, with opposition parties alleging that he was not eligible to contest the polls.

In this context, Sonkar’s resignation is significant. It suggests that he may be trying to distance himself from the controversy surrounding the CMC polls and the allegations of malpractice. By resigning ahead of the Supreme Court hearing, Sonkar may be hoping to avoid being embroiled in a legal battle that could damage his political career.

The resignation of Sonkar is also likely to have implications for the BJP’s prospects in Chandigarh politics. The party has been trying to consolidate its position in the city, which is a Union Territory and a joint capital of Punjab and Haryana. However, the controversy surrounding the CMC polls has dented the party’s image and undermined its credibility.

With Sonkar’s resignation, the BJP will need to find a new candidate for the mayor’s post. This could be a challenging task, given the fractious nature of Chandigarh politics and the allegations of malpractice that have marred the CMC polls.

In conclusion, Manoj Sonkar’s resignation as the mayor of Chandigarh is a significant development in the city’s political landscape. It suggests that the controversy surrounding the CMC polls has taken a toll on Sonkar’s political career and that the BJP may need to rethink its strategy in Chandigarh. As the Supreme Court prepares to hear the case, the future of Chandigarh politics remains uncertain. – The Blaze Times

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