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Echoes of Creativity: A Musical Exploration with DJ Ncix Aka Piyush Basor, from Delhi Drives to So Savvy Indie

By The Blaze Times Feb 10, 2024

Journey through Over 100 Compositions, The ‘It’s A Rap’ EP, and Anticipated Releases, Including Valentine’s Day Special and ‘So Savvy Indie’ Announcement

Piyush Basor, professionally known as DJ Ncix, emerged onto the global music scene on June 3, 1998, in the bustling metropolis of Delhi. From his formative years, Piyush exhibited an intrinsic affinity for musical expression, laying the foundation for his future prominence in the music industry.

Pursuit of Musical Mastery: Embarking on a trajectory of self-discovery within the realm of music, Piyush’s early exposure to the diverse sonic landscape of Delhi served as a catalyst for his transformative journey. Driven by an unwavering commitment to refining his craft, he honed his skills in the nuanced art of DJing and music production.

Career Ascendancy: DJ Ncix has burgeoned into a noteworthy figure within the electronic music domain, amassing a comprehensive discography comprising over a hundred compositions. His distinctive sonic amalgamation, drawing inspiration from an eclectic array of genres, underscores his prowess as a versatile artist with an innate ability to captivate global audiences.

Diverse Interests: Beyond the sonic confines of his musical domain, Piyush Basor finds solace and inspiration in a diverse array of pursuits. An avid enthusiast of driving, he harnesses the liberating experience of the open road as a wellspring of creative inspiration. Balancing his artistic pursuits, Piyush indulges in the realm of video games, providing both recreation and a canvas for his imaginative inclinations. Additionally, he relishes moments of introspection and rejuvenation during solitary pursuits and derives pleasure from the indulgence of shopping.

Prolific Artistry and Recent Project: The testament to DJ Ncix’s creative ingenuity lies in his extensive catalog of releases. Boasting more than a hundred songs, each composition is a testament to his commitment to sonic excellence. His recent project, the “It’s A Rap (EP),” serves as a testament to his artistic evolution, showcasing a nuanced exploration of diverse musical idioms.

Future Trajectory: Anticipating the unfolding of future endeavors, DJ Ncix looks forward to captivating audiences with a Valentine’s Day Special, featuring a curated selection of love songs throughout the month. Simultaneously, he is poised to unveil “So Savvy Indie,” an innovative addition to the So Savvy Records portfolio, promising a paradigm shift within the independent music landscape.

Name DJ Ncix Aka Piyush Basor
Date of Birth 03 June 1998
Age 26
Birthplace Delhi
Occupation DJ/Music Producer
Hobbies Apart From Music, I Love To Drive, Play Video Games, Chill Alone, Shopping
Songs Released Till Now More Than 100 Songs Till Now
Recent Project It’s A Rap (EP)
Upcoming Projects Valentine’s Day Special, Love Songs All February, Announcement Of “So Savvy Indie” A New Part Of So Savvy Records

Conclusion: DJ Ncix, encapsulated by the artistic persona of Piyush Basor, is emblematic of a dynamic force within the contemporary music milieu. His journey is characterized by an unyielding dedication to his craft, a synthesis of diverse influences, and an unwavering commitment to the continuous evolution of his sonic identity. As he forges ahead, DJ Ncix’s impact on the global music landscape is poised to deepen, offering a compelling narrative of creativity, perseverance, and a profound passion for the art of sound – The Blaze Times

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